Traveling from Vienna to Salzburg has never been simpler with the Airport Vienna Taxi, with us.

Traveling from Vienna airport to Salzburg airport cab - taxi transfer service

Fill out the form on our website with your desired pick-up time and date from Vienna Airport to Salzburg. The selection of cars readily available to you on that particular day will be instantly available to you.

With us, there are no unexpected catches. Our prices for a taxi from Vienna to Salzburg are all-inclusive and are known before you make a reservation. All of our vehicles and English-speaking drivers have valid licenses and insurance.

Austria is one of the popular summer and winter holiday spots. As the summer approaches quickly, you can see the last-minute preparations for the heating season at every step. Apartments, hotels, and other vacation accommodations receive finishing touches so that they may welcome tourists or visitors in all their splendor.

Airport transfer is the safest way to travel quickly to Salzburg from Vienna Airport.

To go from Vienna to Salzburg, passengers have a variety of public transportation alternatives to choose from. Trains and buses are examples of public transportation. The most popular means of transportation from Vienna to Salzburg is an airport taxi. With a distance of about 320 kilometers separating Vienna Airport from Salzburg, it will take you about 3 hours to get there.

Standard / Sedan
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Maximum Capacity

3 People

2 Suitcases

2 Hand luggage

Estate / Station Wagon
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Maximum Capacity

4 People

3 Suitcases

3 Hand luggage

Van icon

Maximum Capacity

8 People

7 Suitcases

7 Hand luggage

About Salzburg

Salzburg, a picturesque city in western Austria with more than 145,000 residents, is filled with music. However, Salzburg was well recognized as the birthplace of Mozart, one of history's greatest classical music composers, long before the Rodgers and Hammerstein hit. While it is easy to visit Salzburg for a day trip from Munich or Vienna, spending a few days there allows visitors to see more attractions and experience the culture of this charming city.

This charming city extends along the Salzach River's banks as it flows out of the Salzburg Alps and into a lower region dominated by the 1,853-meter Untersberg. It's charming Old Town neighborhood is a must-see; it is a little community of winding medieval lanes and interesting arcaded courtyards. The expansive squares of the neighborhood between the Neutor and Neugebäude districts are similarly spacious.

The Bottom Line

The best way for Airport Transfer service from Vienna to Salzburg is by taxi, but some travelers travel by bus or train. But a taxi is the safest and most comfortable way! So, call us at +43 664 135 18 61 or book your seats online