The best option for transportation is a taxi trip from Vienna Airport to Parndorf. Our taxi service in Vienna offers you this with the best possible quality and reasonable prices.

Thirty kilometers (18.5 miles) is the approximate driving distance from Vienna Airport to Parndorf. We at Vienna Airport Taxi vouch for the comfort of your trip. Because our clients come first, quality is always maintained for us. However, we constantly offer high quality at fair prices.

We have a fleet of different vehicles that are all well-maintained, as they play a key role in  creating an amazing journey. In addition, our drivers have got professional training. Consequently, your journey will be secure. You may be delighted once you choose our Vienna to Parndorf airport taxi service. So why are you still waiting?

A taxi or private transfer from Vienna Airport to Parndorf will cost you less than regular taxi. The cost of a private transfer may change depending on the vehicle used. To obtain the most affordable prices for your transfer to Parndorf, please contact us..

Why should you hire us?

Imagine relaxing in a luxurious seat as a pleasant and knowledgeable driver gives amusing stories and suggestions for things to do around Parndorf. Additionally, the driver will take care of everything, so you will not have to worry about getting lost or having trouble following directions.

If you are traveling with friends or family, it is much better. The Vienna Airport Taxi service will keep everyone together and save you the hassle of organizing multiple rental cars. Your journey to Parndorf will be delightful thanks to this hassle-free, practical, and entertaining choice.

Standard / Sedan
Sedan icon

Maximum Capacity

3 People

2 Suitcases

2 Hand luggage

Estate / Station Wagon
Estate icon

Maximum Capacity

4 People

3 Suitcases

3 Hand luggage

Van icon

Maximum Capacity

8 People

7 Suitcases

7 Hand luggage

Designer Outlet Parndorf - Main Shopping Attraction in the City

The largest shopping center in Europe was constructed in an Austrian style. One hundred fifty international brand-name boutiques, parking, a kids' play area, and quaint cafes and restaurants are all located on its grounds. The normal time spent shopping at the outlet is up to 7 hours, but if you also choose to visit the nearby attractions, you will need more than a day. It is important to note that the store is open Tuesday through Saturday, with Sunday and Monday are being closed.

VAT refunds can be obtained right away at offices Global Blue or Interchange. By submitting your receipts and completing a tax return form, you can receive a tax refund of up to 10% on transactions totaling at least 75 euros. Please be aware that there will be a line after lunch at the offices in the center of Parndorf Outlet.

Closing Thoughts

Add Pandorf to your travel bucket list and pack your luggage! This tiny town is a hidden gem, waiting to charm you with its breathtaking scenery, fascinating culture, lovely traditions, and welcoming locals.

Book your rides with us without delay and explore Parndorf’s best-kept secrets!